The Sales Department
Cost Effective, Experienced Sales Management available in your business. Zero human capital risk.


What do we bring to the table?

  • Weekly On-Site Sales Meetings

    Professionally run sales meetings that are outcomes and activity based to drive the appropriate behaviors and actions that result in optimised sales results. Sales activity is directly proportionate to the result

  • Sales Management

    A disciplined, streamlined and consistent process to execute daily tasks - efficiently, effectively and competently

  • Sales Process

    A systematic, repeatable, tried and tested, bullet proof series of steps. Clearly understood and consistently applied that track the interaction from the first point of client engagement to closure, unlocking opportunities for sustained and consistent sales performance

  • Sales Strategy

    Successful alignment of your organisational objectives with sales activities and planning is key to realising success in the medium and long term

  • Performance Management and Employee Engagement

    Measuring, monitoring and guiding your sales force to improve their ability to sell products and services by building credibility and nurturing trust through consistent feedback. Feedback promotes clarity and clarity promotes trust. Trust and clarity combined promote productivity and dedication to results driven performance.

  • CRM System Adherence

    A critical ingredient in the management and monitoring of sales and sales performance is data. Data integrity is managed and ensured using the appropriate systems. Whether you make use of a CRM tool or not, The Sales Department could either assist in implementing a system for your business or just ensure that sales people adhere to the usage requirements within your organisation

  • Financial Reporting and Forecasting

    Managed forecasts are maintained and submitted on agreed frequency as per your operating requirements

  • Human Capital Management

    We hire. We provide feedback through managed performance criteria established and agreed with each sales person in your organisation.

    We fire … only when necessary!


All Intellectual Property established through your engagement with The Sales Department, will remain your property at all times and will not be utilised outside of our contracted engagement under any circumstances.